Universal School of Aviation


Universal School of Aviation 16th Anniversary

Refer any one for a course and earn #10,000 for each referral. You can also refer yourself as a candidate and get same benefit
Take advantage of this before the Anniversary referral bonus ends.
Click Here to begin by picking an admission form for the candidate.


Kindly note that participants are only entitled to referral bonus subject to the following terms.

1. That application and full tuition payment of candidate is done between June 23rd, 2024, to July 23rd, 2024.

2. That you will notify the school of your candidate’s name immediately after filling this admission form and request for your referral code BEFORE MAKING TUITION PAYMENT. If tuition is paid before contacting the school to get your referral code, you will not be entitled to referral bonus.

3. That you understand and agree that fees paid are not refundable or transferable.

4. That you understand that this are terms and conditions for Anniversary referral bonus. The school admission terms, and condition can be found before the SUBMIT button.

Kindly call 0811 361 5555 or 0811 362 5555 for detailed guidance on the referral bonus.