Universal School of Aviation

Fees & Financial Aid


Fees are dependent on the course of study, however, most course presently go for #50,000 which can be changed at any time.

Financial Aid

Newly admitted students with limited financial resources may apply for a discount of up to 10% of the tuition fee.
An applicant for financial aid must demonstrate the need for the discount. Newly admitted students must have a good grade in the last year of their secondary education. Financial aid is granted by the USA Director of Studies in each session and is valid for that particular session.

Applying for Aid

Application forms are available from the School`s Admission and Registration Office. Completed application forms must be submitted, with the required supporting documents, to the Registrar by a deadline announced by the Admission and Registration Office prior to the admission starting date for the particular semester.

Supporting documentation

Documents required in support of a Financial Aid application:
  • A copy of the student`s means of identification.
  • Letter of request
  • Proof of payment of 50% of tuition fee
  • Any other supporting documents.

Sibling Discount

Families with more than one son or daughter enrolled simultaneously in the institution as full-time or part time students are entitled to the Sibling Discount.

A 10 % discount on the tuition fees is granted when two siblings are enrolled at the school in any session. If three or more siblings are enrolled at the school in any session a 10% discount is granted on the two lower tuition fees.
Sibling that enroll in subsequent session can benefit this if the other sibling has passed through the institute before.
To avail the sibling discount, documents that would prove the relationship should be presented to Accounts Office during registration.
Call 07063002833 for details on this.


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