Universal School of Aviation

Term Conditions

Who we are

Learn more about us at: https://universalschoolofaviation.com. 

Student`s Handbook

Universal School of Aviation conveys detailed information of student`s expectation during their study with us. It also focuses on fees and dues, mode of lectures, academic calendar and deadlines, discipline/indiscipline, key staffs and contact details, how we will communicate with you, attendance, special events, internship/OJT and job opportunities, student`s right, course breakdown, terms and conditions of service, rules and regulations within the school (and hostel) and penalties, and much more. All students must download and study the handbook for in order to get proper understanding of our services and procedures. Click here to Download Handbook

Right of Admission

Universal School of Aviation shall reserve the right to admit and withdraw students into the institution. USA reserves the right to withdraw students who breaks any of the school rules and bylaws. These applies to students admitted under our various affiliated third-party partner programs. 


USA has no medical facility, we however work with nearby hospitals. All students will take care of their medical challenges by reporting to the hospitals to see medical professionals to discuss their health challenges and onward treatment. Those with special ailment are advised not to stay in the school hostel. USA shall not be held liable for any issues that arise as a result of health negligence either in the school or hostel.


Universal School of Aviation (USA) takes various pictures/videos for promotional and branding purposes within and outside its premises during school related activities. If you do not want to be in any of our images, endeavour to avoid the cameras during group activities that could lead to taking pictures. Photographs taken by students outside the school in the school uniform and other USA imprinted materials are also used for branding and promotional purposes. USA uses these photographs to project our students in great light and to advance the object of the school as a foremost Aviation institution of note.

If you find your picture been used by the school and you wish not to appear in such public space, do contact us at universalschoolofaviation@yahoo.com and a follow-up call +2348055849779 to drop such pictures/videos, and we will be happy to respect your privacy by dropping such pictures. USA shall not be held liable for not respecting your privacy of image use, if you do not write/call to us to drop the image.  Visit our privacy-policy page for full details on use of images by USA and withdrawal of consent.

School Uniform/Dressing Policy

At USA, we believe that there is a strong correlation between student attire and classroom behaviour, attitude, and achievement. The dress and grooming of Universal School of Aviation students shall contribute to the health and safety of the individual, promote a positive educational environment, and not disrupt the educational activities and processes of the school. These minimum standards of dress and grooming apply to all students

The responsibility for the dress and appearance of students primarily rests with the students themselves. Students should continue to abide by dress codes communicated to them from time to time.

The objectives of this serious and conservative dress code are to bring more dignity to the classroom, to have fewer classroom distractions, to help achieve stronger discipline, and to help provide guidelines for appropriate attire as students transition from the classroom environment to the world of work or post learning settings.

To assist students in making appropriate fashion and grooming decisions for school, the School Board has established the following guidelines for appearance and dress.

Rules of Dress and Appearance

  1. Students shall wear modest clothing of such style and design as shall be consistent with community standards as determined by the school designee. Sexually implicit or explicit clothing, bikini and tank tops, and spandex clothing (kinds of clothing usually worn at beaches and while engaging in recreation activities), are not appropriate wearing apparel for school or school functions.
  2. Students may not wear trousers and skirts.
  3. Students shall keep their clothes, bodies, and hair clean and well groomed.
  4. Students shall wear closed toe shoes for foot protection and hygienic reasons while on school premises. Slippers are not acceptable.
  5. Decorations, symbols, mottos, or designs imprinted or attached to the body, clothing, accessories or student vehicle which contains profanity in any form, violent images, are considered vulgar, offensive to good taste or the maintenance of decorum, or which contain sexually suggestive words, phrases or images, advertise tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or which identify them as members of secret antisocial groups or gangs, or which cause an inherent risk of substantial disruption to the educational program, shall not be worn to school/hostel or school functions. Offensive designs imprinted on the body must be covered.
  6. Jewelry shall be worn in a way that does not present a safety or health hazard or cause a major disruption to the educational process.
  7. Wallet chains or dog collars, crazy jeans shall not be permitted.
  8. The general school uniform is white shirt, black trousers and blue tie (except those taking some special programs). Students may take photographs with the school branded materials (T-shirt, Books, I.D card, Tie, etc.) either within or outside the school facility. Such photographs must be solely for positive use in the public space. Anyone who involves himself/herself in actions that negates the image of the school (scams, frauds, mislead, insult etc.) with their photographs while on our uniform or showing our name/logo will be liable to face legal actions.

Various department will continue to roll out appearance instructions to students and it should be abided with at all times.

The school shall determine the appropriateness of dress and appearance in accordance with the guidelines distributed by the school from time to time. The school will make the decision if a student’s appearance meets school and community standards. The school`s decision on the appropriateness of dress is final.